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The Sound of Health

I am often asked what is necessary to be healthy.  Some of the obvious things are diet, sleep and exercise. However, the most overlooked, and in my opinion, the most important, is a properly functioning nervous system. So a great question is: “what is the status of your nervous system?” More specifically, what is the “tone”? 

A good way to consider this is to imagine the finest cellist in the world playing the finest cello. Any piece played will be considered perfection.

What if the tension on each of the strings of the cello was changed? Upon playing, instead of the most beautiful sound, there would be sound but likely not music.

Consider that you are the cellist and your spine and nervous system is the cello. The nervous system is suspended like strings on the cello from the brain to the pelvis. If there are changes in position and movement of the spine- we refer to these as NeuroStructural Shifts, then, there are forces placed on the cord and nerves that branch out to the body; changing their tension or “tone.” This abnormal tension reduces the ability of the body to transfer information through and over the nerves.  The reason? The nerves are very sensitive to forces. The weight of a dime will literally reduce nerve efficiency by 15.4% to 78% though normal motion (1). 

Remember, these nerves control EVERYTHING including movement, and all body function, regulation, control and coordination.  In fact, without nerve impulses, you couldn’t live a split second! With this change in TONE of the nervous system, you are no longer making music, just noise.

So now what must be done? You tune the cello! However, before this can be done, you need to know the status of your nervous system. Specific and comprehensive NeuroStructural Examination and NeuroFunctional Assessment will determine the current state of tone. Then and only then, through NeuroStuctural Optimization, can there be correction of the NeuroStructural Shifts to restore proper nervous system tone, allowing you to make beautiful music.

(1) R. Scott Alderson, D.C., George J. Muhs, D.C., DABCN, CCN “The Effects of Mild Compression on Spinal Nerve Roots with Implications for Models of Vertebral Subluxation and the Clinical Effects of Chiropractic Adjustment.” J. Vertebral Subluxation Res., 4(2), 2001;37-49

What Does it Mean to be Healthy?

What does it mean to be healthy? Is it a place I can get to? First, we must agree that health is not a destination but a continual pursuit. It is a pursuit of increased capacity to adapt to everything around you, your environment and your stressors.

Agreed? Okay, so what defines your stress?

Stress in its three forms; physical, chemical and emotional are a constant barrage on the body. It causes changes in the body structurally that reduce your neurological efficiency. The status of your nervous system directly affects your ability to maneuver in your world. There are two ways to increase the gap between them, which is the difference between the affect of your stressors on you and your ability to deal with them.

Either you reduce the stressors or you increase your efficiency.

Looking at this closely, you can only reduce your stress so much. Life happens. Hence, you need a way to increase your ability to deal with those stressors. This is what NeuroStructural chiropractic looks at. As the effect of stressors in your body are reduced through specific care, there is a subsequent increase in the nervous system’s ability to function and deal with your environment; your stressors.

The difficult part in this whole situation is that you may not know you have a problem since the primary cause itself is painless. This is why a comprehensive NeuroStructural and NeuroFunctional evaluation is crucial to understand what your current health status is.

Today is the beginning of the rest of your life; a journey in the pursuit of health. Before you can embark on any endeavor, you need to know where you are now to set the course. Learn more.

Photo courtesy of Davide Ragusa via Unsplash

Chiropractic, the Anti-Aging Lifestyle

spaceoutChiropractic does more than you could imagine, which is probably why the kid above is sooo happy!

Please read this to the very end as it summarizes some exciting research I just learned about the other day.

People are becoming more interested in health, anti-aging and having the greatest quality of life possible, or at least I hope so! The following information is so good, I must share it!  Advances in DNA testing are now showing how DIFFERENT chiropractic patients really are from those that are not. No one remembers you for being average. Being just average means you will be experiencing diminished health and seeing symptoms now or your body is covering up a health firestorm that is coming later in retirement.

So here is what the research is showing…

There is a newer test called a Serum Thiol test. Some basic information we know is that the AVERAGE person has levels of 90 nano-moles of cysteine, a protein. (don’t worry about what that is, just remember 90) At this level or below, people are at a 95% risk for developing the one of the 9 major disease categories. It’s pretty much a given.


Image taken from www.SerumThiol.com

Reduced Level of Serum Thiols in Patients with a Diagnosis of Active Disease. Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine.
Vol.6, Number 4, 2003 Pero, R.W., Banne,A.F.

The chiropractic patients were a whole different story. After 1 year of having their nervous systems adjusted, the average person had levels of 124. And after 3 years of regular chiropractic care the level rose to an average of 146! A level of 120 and above plummets to a 5% risk for developing the 9 different disease categories.

Just this one simple change can make the difference, according to this research, in your health risk. That is a massive difference. If this was a drug it would be all over the news.  But it won’t be. Most people will NEVER hear about it. They will continue to be in the dark about health secrets that can change their future forever. This is just what the medical/pharma society wants, an endless supply of sick and diseased people to give harmful drugs and surgery to.

Chiropractic is the best kept 100+ year old secret there ever was. And now we are starting to be able to prove WHY it is so powerful.
So, print this out or share this link with anyone you care about and get them to a chiropractor who addresses the spine and nervous system. That is our emphasis but this is so important, it doesn’t matter who you see, just get there and start!

It will be one of the best investments in your LIFE that you will ever make. It’s not about back and neck pain anymore. It’s way more than that.

It’s about your quality of life….Get checked, get adjusted, let the nervous system flow and stay adjusted….Simple.

Photo courtesy of London Scout via Unsplash