Your Wellness

Our vision for your wellness offers a conservative yet proactive approach with chiropractic care. Rather than just addressing the symptoms called secondary conditions, we identify and address the primary conditions affecting the nervous and spinal systems which are commonly the underlying causes of a disease or condition. These primary conditions are specifically called structural shifts or subluxations of the spine. When present, they create obstructions to the nervous system’s ability to function and properly control the body.

Specific spinal adjustments are used to address the primary conditions present in the spine, restoring proper neurological flow and efficiency. This provides your body the best opportunity to heal and maintain an elevated state of health and wellness. Further, it increases your body’s capacity to exist in and adapt to the environment around you.

At all of your visits, you can expect personalized care that takes place in a relaxing environment. Your primary conditions will be evaluated and identified, your current health status will be thoroughly explained, and a detailed care plan will be presented with the goal of restoring your health, function and wellness. Mariann and Teresa will greet you as you come in and the doctors will see you promptly!

We’ve carefully considered the busy lives of our patients by offering convenient hours to fit your schedule!

We look forward to meeting and serving your wellness needs!