Other Treatment Options

Other Treatment Options

There are many different treatment options available throughout health care. We can only comment on the care we provide in our office and provide the appropriate information for you to make an educated decisison regarding your health.

The medical approach is a reactive approach that addresses “symptoms”, or what we refer to as secondary conditions. If that is your only intention, medical doctors can do this fairly well with pain medication. The next step in this approach usually focuses on stretching and other therapy based treatment commonly seen in a physical therapy clinic. Further, treatment can extend into more invasive procedures such as injections and then to surgical intervention.

Within the chiropractic realm, the traditional approach is pain-guided spinal manipulations that intend to increase joint mobility and reduce muscle spasm. This approach is more conservative than the traditional medical approach and more effective but still places its focus on the secondary conditions.

These approaches toward symptom treatment (secondary conditions) can be helpful. However, if your secondary conditions are due to NeuroStructural Shift, then the best approach is to pursue care that focuses on the NeuroStructural Optimization of the body.

In any event, we are committed to providing you with the essential information to make the best choices regarding your health. Our intention is to be a trusted advisor in your health-care team whether you become a patient or not.

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