Meet the ELEVATE Team

Let us introduce you to the ELEVATE Chiropractic Team!

Charles R. Boehly, DC

Dr. Boehly is a chiropractor, race car driver and engineer. He received his Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics in 1992 from SUNY College at Brockport. After graduation he worked as a mechanical engineer for three years during which time he was involved in the design and implementation of automation that assembled and created a vast range of products from engines to contact lenses.

After sustaining a pronounced spinal injury in which chiropractic care was instrumental in healing and preventing surgical intervention, he took his engineering background into a different direction and began his focus on the the nervous system and the human frame. In 1999, he received the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College.

Immediately following graduation, Dr. Boehly joined Park Avenue Chiropractic and Wellness in Rochester, NY with the purpose of guiding his patients towards optimal health and well-being by improving neurological balance and efficiency through NeuroStructural Optimization. In 2006, he opened Chili Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Chili, NY with a similar purpose. In 2008, Dr. Boehly relocated Park Avenue Chiropractic and Wellness to its current location on University Avenue as part of the Neighborhood of the Arts and ARTWalk. In 2014, the offices were renamed Boehly Chiropractic at ARTwalk and at Chili respectively.

In a renewed vigor towards health, in 2015, the name of the office has been finally renamed to ELEVATE Chiropractic to reflect the true purpose, to ELEVATE the health of our community. Further, to sharpen our focus, we have consolidated our efforts at the University Avenue location and expanded our hours to serve the community.

In his quest for further knowledge in chiropractic, nutrition, structural rehabilitation and neurological optimization, he attends seminars around the country to stay current with the latest techniques, philosophies and research to help as many families as possible achieve optimal health and wellness.

Dr. Boehly resides in Rochester with his wife Lindsay and their two children Jenson and Carter. In addition, he is active in SCCA Club Racing and preparing to introduce his two children into motorsports!

The Support Staff

Anna, Kate and Amy assist Dr. Boehly with all of the aspects of providing the best care to you, the patient. Rest assured they will be help you with whatever you need.


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