The Next Step

The Next Step

The main objective of the  comprehensive NeuroStructural Examination is to assess your situation and determine whether and to what extent the NeuroStructural Shift is contributing your secondary conditions.

Our examination allows us to evaluate and determine the steps necessary to attain NeuroStructural Optimization. A specific comprehensive plan is created which typically includes additional, complimentary recommendations. Consistent re-examinations are scheduled to evaluate your response to care.

If it is determined that we will not be able to help you, a proper referral to the appropriate professional will be made.

Since our focus is on NeuroStructural Optimization and the detection of NeuroStructural Shift, our office is not suited for every person. If you are looking around for temporary relief, symptom management, or traditional chiropractic care then our office is not for you. Our patients are dedicated to their health and our goal is to correct the primary conditions and ELEVATE their health capacity.

Please note, health insurance plans with chiropractic coverage only cover care they deem to be medically necessary. We are in-network with BCBS, Aetna and United HealthCare. Additionally, medicaid does not cover chiropractic in New York State.

Other Treatment Options

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