The NeuroStructural Exam

The NeuroStructural Examination:

The NeuroStructural Examination is completed by the doctor and is very comprehensive so schedule to be at our office for approximately 60 to 80 minutes, including the consultation, and we ask that you bring a change of clothes (shorts and a t-shirt). A waist-length gown will be worn for part of the examination.

Our NeuroStructural Examination includes:

  • Complete History
  • Digital Structural Analysis
  • Static and Dynamic Spinal Analysis
  • Multifactorial Neurofunctional Assessment

This will determine the state of your NeuroStructural functional capacity and allow us to determine if a NeuroStructural Shift is present. The doctor will interpret the findings from your examination and we will schedule a recommendation conference within the next 1 to 5 days.

Your conference with the doctor will cover the nature of your condition, whether a NeuroStructural Shift is present, care options, and if indicated, your first specific, NeuroStructural Correction. The complimentary recommendations the doctor may have for you will be discussed at this time.

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