Conventional vs. NeuroStructural

The ELEVATE Approach: NeuroStructural Optimization

Before we can describe our approach, first let’s look at the conventional chiropractic approach.

Conventional chiropractic:

The main focus is on manipulation of the spine with the following intent:

  • Improved motion
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Short-term relief of pain

For many, these are good outcomes. It “seems” to deal with the problem. Many people will choose to receive this type of relief care. Why? Well, that is all that they know. In reality, this type of care is only scratches the surface. It does not address the primary issues at all. We are here to take you further.

NeuroStructural Optimization:

Those wanting to go further and address the primary problems find their way to ELEVATE Chiropractic where our goal is to go deep beyond the surface. Our focus is on the cause of your problems, the primary condition and to ELEVATE your functional health capacity through NeuroStructural Optimization.

Using our unique approach, we develop a comprehensive plan of care utilizing state-of-the-art objective tools to analyze and detect the presence and extent of the primary condition, the NeuroStructural Shift.  When present, obstructions of the nervous system result. The vital connection between the brain and the body is altered reducing the brain’s ability to direct the body and also the body’s ability to stimulate the brain. This leads to inefficiency, dysfunction and a loss of health balance. Further, it causes a comprehensive reaction by the body, commonly leading to the development of secondary conditions which are commonly associated as symptoms.

What is NeuroStructural Shift

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