Back To School Chiropractic!

Jason Freeny Anatomy Dog

Anatomy of a Gummy Bear

Anatomy of a Goldfish Cracker

Hello Kitty Freeny Art

The last days of summer are upon us with the beginning of school right around the corner! In your quest to get the kids ready for the big day, add a visit to our office to your to-do list!

If you’re one of our patients, then you already know chiropractic care is an awesome addition to any child’s wellness plan. This time of year is especially important for your child. New bed-times, long days at school and hours of homework can take a toll on your tots. Get them in this week and throughout the month of September so we can help make them long and strong!

Kids Who Receive Regular Chiropractic Adjustments Experience:

  • improved sleep
  • stronger immune responses (cold & flu season preventive measure)
  • better focus & concentration
  • sustained energy & stamina
Is it their first time? Break the ice with the quirky skeletal animals above! Look forward to meeting your family’s wellness needs soon!

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