Should I Exercise? We’ll Tell You Why

Introducing our new service, dynamic therapeutic exercise consultations!

Corrective and rehabilitative exercises are an essential aspect of both the chiropractic lifestyle and everyday health. Movement is a critical key to a healthy frame- at Boehly Chiropractic we know how to get you moving in all the right ways! We know that our snowy, cold winters here in Rochester, New York don’t always help motivate the gym-goers in us and it is why we’ve decided to introduce our new exercise library for you! We’ll be including photos, videos and how-to posts to help you achieve health all season long.

Corrective exercises are prescribed to each of our patients specific to their individual health concerns and goals. Most of what you will see featured here will apply to almost everyone’s skill level and be suitable to incorporate into your everyday routine. With that being said, please always ask us about your exercise plan or about any of the exercises or stretches we feature here. We want to be sure how you move is accentuating the care we offer to keep you strong and aligned toward wellness! We’re more than happy to run through a quick tutorial at your next visit. We’ll make special notes with our features if we think you should ask us first!

If you’d like to schedule a consultation to develop an exercise plan that’s right for you, we are ready now!

At Boehly Chiropractic, your feedback is always important to us. We hear great things from you, but we always love hearing more! Please let us know how we can make your experience at our health center the very best for you!

We look forward to getting moving with you soon!

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