Chiropractic Is For Kids

At Boehly Chiropractic, we strive to maximize health for your entire family. This includes the care of your little ones. Suitable for children of all ages, pediatric care is a safe and reliable choice for your child’s preventive, whole-person lifestyle.

What Do The Pediatric Studies Show?

In an ongoing study conducted by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, parents reported the following unexpected, beneficial outcomes as a result of their children’s care:

1. Marked improvements in sleep patterns

2. Improved concentration, attitude and focus

3. Stronger immune system resistance

When Should Pediatric Care Begin?

While your chiropractor will determine the unique needs of your child, maintenance of the human frame is a life-long process starting in childhood, at birth continuing into adulthood. Because children are active and develop quickly, the alignment of their spinal column is always evolving. From infancy we see developmental changes simply from the labor and delivery process.

What Types Of Concerns Does Pediatric Chiropractic Address?

Health concerns that many infants experience such as sleep disturbances, breathing difficulties, colic, earaches and other infections of the immune system, nursing difficulties and allergies are all related to nervous system stress. We continue to see early developmental changes involving the closing of the fontanel, an infant’s ability to raise and hold their heads up and the beginning stages of rolling, sitting and crawling.

We help your baby align as they grow and develop. Just as chiropractic care treats total adult wellness, the same benefits can be expected for our younger patients as well!

What Techniques Do You Use?

All chiropractic treatment is individually tailored to suit personal needs. We take great care in adjusting all patients, but special attention is paid when seeing our pediatric cases. We know that developing children are sensitive; our techniques are always safe and always gentle.

Ready to schedule your child’s visit- we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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