Olympic Kinesio-Taping

Everyone keeps asking, “what is that tape the 2012 London Olympians are wearing?” By now most of you have noticed the multi-colored tape the divers and volleyball players are donning along the shoulders, spinal muscles and iliotibial band. If you haven’t seen it, we call it Kinesio Tape™.

KinesioTape™ offers athletes increased range of motion, flexibility and stability. Kinesio Tape™ can even be applied for pain of muscle and bone. Want to know the cool thing about Kinesio Tape™? You don’t have to be an Olympian to get taped! Dr. Steph is our resident expert on Kinesio Taping™. If you like to maintain an active lifestyle, yet are experiencing an injury or pain related health concern, Kinesio Tape™ might be an option to get you on the road to healing.

At your next visit, ask us about this simple, yet efficient therapy.

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