Prevent Cold & Flu This Season With Boehly Chiropractic’s Six Tips

Back to school spells activities, homework, sports and… cold and flu season! Your kids have been back in school for about two weeks now. This means they have been bombarded with a plethora of new germs as they interact with all of those other kids and teachers in close quarters. You can prevent the cold and flu this season with our 6 easy wellness tips.

1. Get adjusted! You’re not surprised we put this at the top of the list are you?! Being and staying adjusted balances your autonomic nervous system, you know, the part that controls all the things you don’t think about. It also increases the effectiveness of your digestive system so all those great foods (see #5) you eat are well absorbed and used properly!

2. Have an acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is a painless, drug-free approach to enhancing everyday wellness. Christine Dionese, L.Ac MSTOM, our resident integrative health care specialist suggests getting a “tune-up” with the change of each season and definitely during back to school time. She says that acupuncture is great to combine with chiropractic care for overall immune wellness.

3. Take vitamin D3. Taken with food in split doses throughout the day,  an adequately prescribed dosage of  D can help prevent cold, flu and health concerns related to each by regulating immunity. A recent 2013 study highlighted by The Vitamin D Council also confirms that vitamin D helps to reduce ear infections related to cold and flu in younger children (1). Ask us what dosage may be ideal for your personal needs. You can stop by during office hours to pick up a new bottle anytime now.

4. Take probiotics. Did you know that over 70 percent of your immune system lives in your digestive system? That’s right- the healthy flora you hear about on commercials is responsible for building and protecting immunity. Don’t underestimate its crucial role in everyday health- a high quality probiotic could be what stands between you and a cold or the flu this season. We like Klaire Labs- they offer GMO-free, multi-strain probiotic blends for infants, children and adults.

5. Feed kids real food. We know you’re busy, we know you’re on the go, but opt for packed lunches full of real-food variety. If convenience packed foods are a must, choose foods that are void of preservatives, artificial ingredients and refined sugars. Check out The Brighton Farmer’s Market (they have a winter market coming up), Nature’s Marketplace, Trader Joe’s or Lori’s Natural Foods for healthy options. If you need suggestions, please ask us! You can also check out apps like Fooducate to help you choose organic, non-GMO foods for your kids.

6. Get to sleep! At the end of the day, spend time winding down and relaxing, then head to bed at a reasonable hour. If you can, shoot for eight hours of solid sleep. If you have early school-aged kids heading off to kindergarten or all day school, prepare for them to need more sleep than usual as they get adjusted to their new schedules.

For more tips on staying well during back to school time and throughout cold and flu season, visit soon or sign up for a complimentary subscription via our home page.



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