Our Approach to Your Wellness

Welcome to the new blog of Chili and Park Ave Chiropractic where we’ll be discussing the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic care.

Our vision for wellness offers a conservative approach to chiropractic treatment and health care. We address the underlying causes of a disease or condition, not just symptoms as traditional medicine does. This route to wellness is pursued without the use of drugs or surgery.

Because health comes from within, chiropractic care removes interferences affecting the nervous system. This provides your body the best opportunity to heal and maintain an elevated state of health and wellness.

At your visit, you can expect personalized care that takes place in a relaxing environment. You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of your condition and treatment possibilities to restore your health. Maryann will greet you as you come in and the doctors will see you promptly!

We’ve carefully considered the busy lives of our patients by offering convenient hours to fit your schedule!

We look forward to hearing from and serving your wellness soon!

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