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Post originally appeared at Reaching Beyond Now and is reprinted with the author’s permission.

This time of year offers a colorful variety of lush veggies and fruit. The way this produce arrives in our kitchens is shifting! As I travel around the US from month to month, I’m happy to see CSAs popping up all over, even here in Rochester where I practice! Originally conceived in Germany and Japan, the three letters stand for community supported agriculture.

Growing up in a family of gardeners, sharing our home-raised crops with friends and neighbors was the norm. It saved our families money and kept us connected with the people who lived around us. Community supported agriculture offers a pro-socio-economic emphasis on locally grown, harvested and distributed produce. It’s a very basic concept that is changing the way we choose our food demographically. This return to seasonal, locally grown food could potentially enhance the entire eco-system by reducing dependence on fossil-fuels regularly allocated to the importation of produce!

Mark my words, this is a trend that will last far beyond a cool fad. It’s already being re-interpreted by folks who reside in more densely populated urban areas. Urban-dwellers have turned to container, window and even rooftop gardening to emphasize crop sharing in their neighborhoods.

Looking for a better way to get your goods and support local farmers? Here’s the top reasons to seek a CSA!

  • Get to know the people who grow your food and extend a pro-economic affect by directly paying farmers for your produce
  • Reduce waste and production of plastics by forgoing the packaging commercial foods are wrapped in
  • Enjoy nutrient dense food that has just come from the ground
  • Variety is the spice of life and the key to wellness. Seasonal eating offers improved health by providing a wider range of nutrients
  • Reduce mono-cropping and nutrient-lacking soil
  • Create a relationship with your community. We all have the same basic needs and wants don’t we? It just might be time to admit that rugged individualism is a thing of the past.
  • Ready to Join?

    Can’t wait to see what will arrive in your first garden box? Find a CSA in your locale now by visiting the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association here.

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